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How To Choose The Right Weighted Blanket?

If you’re here, you would have obviously have heard of the benefits of using a weighted blanket and are probably looking to invest in one for yourself, or a loved one. The trouble is, you might not know which one is suitable for you. There are so many things to choose from, the weight, the material, and design. So we’ve written this article so that it might help you decide how to choose the right weighted blanket for you.


The Weight Of Your Weighted Blanket

Go To The Cupboard How To Choose The Right Weighted Blanket

The most important factor is choosing a weighted blanket that is suitable for your body weight. Generally, your weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight. This means that if you’re using the weighted blanket for yourself, and you weigh 73kg, your blanket should be about 7kg. If the weighted blanket is for your child, and your child weighs 31kg, their weighted blanket should be about 3kg.


Weighted blankets are also safe to use for children and the elderly. A weighted blanket works exactly the same as a normal blanket. You may use it on its own, or together with your comforter. For the best results, you should cover your body from the neck down and ensure that it is fully covering your chest and legs. Your feet can be covered or not, depending on which you find the most comfortable. Ideally, you should lie on your back while sleeping under the cover to ensure the blanket’s weight will be evenly distributed across your entire body.


The Effects Of Using A Weighted Blanket

Go To The Cupboard How To Choose The Right Weighted Blanket

One of the main benefits of using a weighted blanket is an improved sleep quality. Therapeutic Weighted Blankets can help with sleep deprivation and insomnia to improve your sleep quality. Go To The Cupboard’s therapeutic weighted blankets are made with a highly breathable material so you can use it during summer or in any warm climate.


How To Care For Your Weighted Blanket

Go To The Cupboard How To Choose The Right Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are not only used by people with stress or anxiety, but anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality can use it! Aside from using a weighted blanket during sleep, you can also use a weighted blanket while sitting comfortably in your favourite chair reading a book, meditating, or binge-watching your favourite movies and tv show.


Because weighted blankets are designed differently than typical blankets, they require different care. To preserve the quality of the fabric and extend the life of the blanket, utmost care should be taken when washing your weighted blankets. To learn how to care for your weighted blanket properly, you can check out this article (link to How To Wash A Weighted Blanket post)