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How To Wash A Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have been used as sleep aids and calming aids in special-needs communities for years. Some of the earliest implementations date back to 1999, when the occupational therapist Tina Champagne began using weighted blankets to help some mental-health patients.


In recent years, weighted blankets have gained mainstream popularity as more people recognizes the benefits. Today, weighted blankets are not only used by people with stress or anxiety, but anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality can use it! Aside from using a weighted blanket during sleep, you can also use a weighted blanket while sitting comfortably in your favourite chair reading a book, meditating, or binge-watching your favourite movies and tv show.


Because weighted blankets are designed differently than typical blankets, they require different care. To preserve the quality of the fabric and extend the life of the blanket, utmost care should be taken when washing your weighted blankets.


How To Wash A Weighted Blanket

Go To The Cupboard How to wash a weighted blanket

When washing a weighted blanket in a washing machine, make sure to wash it alone in cool water. If a washing machine can typically hold a queen of king-sized comforter, it can accommodate a weighted blanket that is less than 10kg. Generally, if a blanket is more than 10kg, it is too heavy to wash in a regular household washing machine. In this case, you should bring it to a professional cleaning company to get it washed.


Another tip is to use a gentle laundry detergent free of bleach or fabric softener. Steer clear of any detergents that are too strong. Seek out gentle, dye-free detergent or consider making an all-natural detergent at home.


Drying Your Weighted Blanket

Go To The Cupboard How to wash a weighted blanket

Take special care when drying a weighted blanket. For best results, either dry the freshly laundered blanket or line dry it naturally. Many weighted blankets are designed to withstand moderate dryer heat without melting. However, hang-drying the blanket will extend the life of the fabric, as well as the filler.


Go To The Cupboard How to wash a weighted blanket

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